"My good memories" is too easy an answer because the institution doesn't disserve support just because I had a positive experience. I believe strongly in social justice and a key component of that is access to a good education. Affordable quality public universities provide that. That's what I value.

Quite frankly for my taste, the UWAA gives too much attention to athletic events and trying to leverage my nostalgia, when my motivator is how to make an education available to lower income WA youth today. My first quarter tuition was $229 (1979), and I was able to pay for an education with Pell Grants, Work Study jobs, being an RA (paid for my room), and what I earned summers. I had no financial help from anyone after my freshman year and I graduated debt free (and with over 5 years of full time study, but that’s another story).

I loved being able to go teach English in Spain after graduating because the next to nothing I earned doing it was enough to live on, and I owed nothing. My education, and the fact I wasn’t buried in debt, allowed me to work abroad and later in the adventure travel industry, i.e take low paying jobs that aligned with my values.

That's what I love. Accessible affordable education and continuing to provide it. - Dwight H, '85

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