The pride of being a husky and the community connections are enough to love the UW. Seeing a husky wearing purple and gold abroad and instantly knowing that you can share something with that person is an amazing feeling, whether it be up and down the West Coast or around the world. What the UW does for this community and the overall environment of education is a huge point of pride. - Tom G., '09
UW is a place of growth - intellectual and personal, and of healing. My years at UW were a time of immense personal development. Now that I am also a patient at UW Medicine, it has also become a place of physical healing. What more could I ask of one institution? - MM 1967
I love the UW because it makes Seattle a better place. Faculty and staff of the UW are active in the community and I know that UW alumni leave the University ready to make the world a better place. I love the UW because families can visit campus on the weekends and explore the gardens, walk around Frosh pond and check out the broken obelisk on Red Square. I love the cherry blossoms in the spring and attending plays by our drama students. There is so much we can do that adds to our lifelong learning opportunities. I have bought the history lecture series for my parents and they really enjoyed it. Visits to the Burke Museum are important too. - Cristina Bailet '83
Thirty years ago I received my doctorate degree at UW from the then College of Fisheries. It was the experience of a lifetime, and I cherish the memories !!!!!

Early mornings by Elliot Bay, the incredible caring / nurturing faculty, sitting on "my" bench by the Arboretum when I was low --- and leaving feeling all better, the awe I still feel when I look at Drumheller Fountain, and Suzello Library, the bookstore and a stroll through the U District, my two daughters born at UW Hospital.

My carrer has taken me far and wide, but whenever I saw a UW ball cap or tee short - I sure felt good.

UW was and always be a part of my life - John Hitron, 1981
I love the UW because I received an incredible education and made lifelong friends there. - "Karen, '89"
I love UW for its rich community of scholars, students and staff! - S. M. Taylor '09
The blooming trees in the Spring, Drumheller Fountain, tailgates and that gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier on clear, sunny days. - Suz '05
Every aspect of the Campus is grweat. but the real virtue of the UW is its programs, their variety, their excellence and the excellence of the faculty that assures their very high quality. - Marji Barbee, 49
I love the UW because it is not only where I went to college, but where I grew up. Everytime I drive into Seattle on 520 I glance at the UW Statium and remember my college days. I love the campus and its rich heritage - beautiful buildings. I love how the UW has become part of our city - helping the community through medical developments as well as entertainment with various sports teams.

Having graduated over 20 years ago, I still can just pick up the phone and talk to people in the Education department with any questions I have regarding my certificate, classes I need to take, etc. They are always friendly and treat me as though I was still paying tuition. I really my children to attend in the net few years. - Kim , '86"
I love UW because it is where I discovered my love of learning about different people, places, and things. It is where I came across the most amazing people and ideas that have shaped the course of my life. - Carol '70
Fantastic location, great academic and research programs, wonderful schools and colleges (e.g., Forest Resources), incredible facilities (e.g., the library) and partnerships (e.g., the Washington Park Arboretum). - T. Hinckley '71
The great education I received; the people--faculty & students--who I learned from. - Joan, 1976
I met my wife there and got the degree that gave me the job I had for the rest of my working life. - Phil H, '66
The UW has been a family institution for three generations. The world class education, facilities and sports are a part of my family heritage.
I wake up every day and look across the bay to Husky Stadium and smile. The University and its traditions will always be a big part of our life in the Pacific Northwest.

I have lifelong friends, business and social connections because of my involvement at the UW. Go Huskies!! - Robin '78
Four years of bliss -- my mind opened up and wonder got poured in. I sigh with nostalgia over the Showboat, the Penthouse and the Playhouse. I was in the School of Drama and I owe my happiest memories to Donal Harrington, Vanick Galstaun and Kenny Carr, the three acting and directing teachers; Aurora Valentinetti for my puppetry class and Angelo Pellegrini over in Parrington Hall for wonderful Shakespeare classes and recipes!! (Read his book, "Americans By Choice.") - Zoaunne, '56
When I think back to my childhood it brings back so many fond memories. I think of friends, places that I'd go to, memorable occasions, etc... When I think of my time at UW it's the same way. I want others to have the same sorts of experiences which is why I continue to support the school. I'm a second generation Husky as well and I'm very proud of my school. - Child of '58 Crew
Great education that compares well with other top notch schools! - Rich '64, '67
The EEU! It's a truly amazing place. - Shawna, 2000
The UW - professors and fellow students - grounded me well with the fundamentals of an excellent education so that I could soar with my degree and honors into a new career and career progression. Go dawgs! Even 3,000 miles away, our alums can meet and enjoy friendships with Huskies at heart. - Norma '83
The outstanding theatre department! - kjo, '87
I love libraries! Engineering lib and physics lib have the best views. Allen-suzallo lib is so beutiful and best place to study.
Quad during the spring time, i love cherryblossoms.
Fountain, love to see ducklings.
I love meany hall and all the concerts/perfirmances.
Too many things to say - Soram '10
Some of the best years were spent in Smith and Denny, and of course, the HUB. Some memorable professors, now gone, and of course, the quad with the beautiful cherry trees and the brick paths. We saved the bricks when the move was afoot to put in black top paths! - old dog 62
I love the UW because of our spectacular architecture, and the beauty of the University in the setting with the Puget Sound. Along with the passion the students, staff, alumni and supporters have for the University and our athletic and scholastic programs, and the importance they both have been to me since I went to school here. - P. Heppy, '78
"My good memories" is too easy an answer because the institution doesn't disserve support just because I had a positive experience. I believe strongly in social justice and a key component of that is access to a good education. Affordable quality public universities provide that. That's what I value.

Quite frankly for my taste, the UWAA gives too much attention to athletic events and trying to leverage my nostalgia, when my motivator is how to make an education available to lower income WA youth today. My first quarter tuition was $229 (1979), and I was able to pay for an education with Pell Grants, Work Study jobs, being an RA (paid for my room), and what I earned summers. I had no financial help from anyone after my freshman year and I graduated debt free (and with over 5 years of full time study, but that’s another story).

I loved being able to go teach English in Spain after graduating because the next to nothing I earned doing it was enough to live on, and I owed nothing. My education, and the fact I wasn’t buried in debt, allowed me to work abroad and later in the adventure travel industry, i.e take low paying jobs that aligned with my values.

That's what I love. Accessible affordable education and continuing to provide it. - Dwight H, '85
My closeness to the great resources - talks, lectures, the Burke, the Henry, the Bookstore, the trips. - Karen, '79

Your turn. Why do you love the UW?