Why do I love UW? Where to start.... I love the buildings the Quad and Red Square are my favorites; with Suzallo being my absoutely favorite.

I love the sporting events; I am a season ticket holder to Football and Men's Basketball.

But most of all I love the history of everything that is UW. Knowing we are the oldest and biggest in the State. The history of all of our teams, not just football. The history of the school itself.

I love the fact we are one of the top research/medical schools in the nation, and that we are in the top 20 in the world.

I LOVE the fact we have high standards to get into UW (GPA, etc). I love to say "the only reason you went to such and such school is because you couldn't get into UW" I LOVE THAT!! :-)

But I think the biggest thing I love about the UW is as an UW alumnus knowing I am part of something big/ history past and present. - "MS. UW '99"

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