When I think back to the early '70's when I transferred into UW from what was then Seattle Pacific College, I think the beauty of the campus, being able to live off campus  for the first time and walk to and from classes in the spring...was important to me...but the thing that stood out academically was the style of teaching and learning that UW had, compared to my previous college experience. At SPC, I believe we were required to memorize, or "rote learn" what they wished us to know... At UW by comparison, we were expected to seek out alternatives, weigh options on a point or fact, and decide for ourselves, then back up our learning to the satisfaction of our professors. I found this approach ultimately more interesting and desirable. I eventually became both a teacher and a cognitive-behavioral therapist and team mediator, did my graduate work at Jesuit-based Georgetown University, which had a similar approach. At UW, I learned for myself, with guidance and support from my professors. I later used their approach with my own students and clients, and remain grateful for the experience! My niece is also a UW graduate!  Hopefully, some of my grand nieces and nephews may enjoy and value the UW experience! - Gillian Cranehahn-Frazier, '73

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