Rough statistics indicate that thirty percent of the UW incoming freshmen are the first generation in their family to go to college. A lot of help, financial and otherwise, is available to  help any student actually finish his/her degree. For those of us who actually care about the kind of education we get, we feel deep gratitude to this school. We should all support our alma mater in her mission to continue educating Washingtonians, no matter where their origin, their financial standing, and indeed, their seeming ability to pass all the courses required. So many new immigrants and underprivileged freshmen have made good their promise to themselves and their families to not only graduate with their college degree, but also do good for society who nurtured them. Seventy percent of UW alum stay in the area, and support their school, as is appropriate.

I love my alma mater because I realize that without her, I wouldnt even get a second chance at a job digging ditches. She gave me the love of, and an appreciative way to approach basic education and life long learning, which has made me a much, much better person. I hope all of us collective U Dub alum make a huge, continuing, and unquestioned contribution to the University of Washington. - O.Yang 1982

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