My UW years, 1953-1958, were a second birth to me. Leaving the narrow and closely monitored world of my parents, I found finally the meaning of "the truth shall make you free." A tough journey---seeking truth--but so exhilarating. My memories of that campus are among my most precious: slogging through the rain in my oilskin raincoat and clogs, my books zipped up in plastic; nodding off in the great hall of Suzzallo Library (a framed print of Suzzallo hangs on my living room wall in Santa Rosa, CA); English classes in Parrington; trying to study in the Hub coffee shop; cherry blossoms in the quad; hanging out the Chi O dorm windows for a Fiji serenade; bussing to Stanford as a delegate to the Model UN; getting my teeth repaired in the UW Dental School! - Alice Freligh Macondray, '58

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