In 1991-1993 I was amazed and fascinated about the campus culture that University of Washington had to offer me while as a student pursuing my Associates of Arts Degree from Columbia College Extended Studies at the Former Naval Station in SandPoint/Magnuson estate. It was then that I set a very exceedingly high goal for my young self; which was to apply, be accepted and enrolled as an undergraduate student at UW. Then do whatever was necessary to graduate; which occurred in 1997, with my Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration. It indelibly left me in being a Proud Husky, with honor, confidence, sufficiently prepared for the marketplace then.

Since graduating, I've always tried to do what Alumni's from UW find noble in doing, one would be to volunteer on occasion with the Alumni Association (anything); be a supportive husky with all sports teams in the UW Athletic Department; donate funds for a good cause- possibly for new facility developments (Paccar Hall); I created a social and professional network with other UW Alumni Huskies on sites for the UW Alumni Association, or huskyconnect! Furthermore, my formal undergraduate education also compelled me to further my higher learning achievements which in my case was my MBA, from Capella University in 2005!

I really am grateful for University of Washington because my life was never the same since becoming an alumni. My belief in the imperative with understanding our ever changing workplace as it evolved around our global marketplace economy is firm as it continues to be amazed and fascinated.

Moreover, such mental conditioning convinces me that people of color aren't a barrier in the work environment, but their inability to retain a high degree of ones attributes to research data, information and ideologies, think critically about them, articulate and reason with critical synthetic thinking to positively impact a construct or strategy for an organization. More importantly is having a strong core belief to respect diversity at all levels in an organization.

Thus, my interests in increasing my global economic awareness, expanding my academic and intellectual scholarly networking and competencies to enhance my human capital worth, or as competitive asset in the types of industries, organization(s) I find, or others may find me, ideal to be employed with.

Thank You University of Washington!

Most Sincere,
Mickey Tovio Scanlan- M&M Scanlan, "97

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