I would like to say that I do love the UW, but the strings of my heart are in a knot, i.e., since the publication of my book, in May of 2010.

I've mailed flyers, written on the due-payment stub, left a phone message about my book, "Between the Two Rivers - A Story of the Armenian Genocide," published by Seattle's CoffeetownPress in May of 2010 - but have received no response. I would like to believe that my messages were "lost."

I was hoping to get recognition from my alma mater (1956) especially that my undergraduate degree was in English Lit (my masters was from SPU).

"Between the Two Rivers" has been on Amazon's best seller list in the history/Armenia category since May, 2010. Major bookstores carry it, include the U. Bookstore.

Coffeetown Press is in the process of publishing a second edition. - Aida '56

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