I was born in this state..  I started grade school in Seattle.. Before I finished it my family moved to the San Diego area before and during WWII.. When I graduated from LaJolla H.S. in 1949, I got to come back up to attend this GREAT U..  Although my dad is/was a Cougar and also my mother-in-law, counting my uncles i.e. Ewen Dingwall and continuing to my eldest grandaughter, I am a member of a 4th generation of U.W. Dingwalls.... I have rain water in my veins but I do not let moss grow onmy back and I do not rust!!!!!!!! If you look up the name Dingwall in the records of those who attended and all but two graduated, you will find they go back to BEFORE 1963 when my uncle Ewen was on the J.V. crew in 1936. [That is before Bill Gates Senior, etc.!] So he did not get to the Olympics but participated in winnig the I.R.A. in 1937. - Harry A. Dingwall B.A. Zoology 1953

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