I can't think of just one reason why I love the UW. I have so many good memories from my childhood of going to football games with my dad, and hearing stories about my parents' years there. They met while attending the UW, so we all assumed I'd go there, which I did. I now live about a mile south of campus and am involved with the UWAA and my sorority alumnae association, so I am up on campus a lot.

As a cancer survivor, I've participated in several ACS Relays For Life at the UW. I was honored to serve as a guardian of the Gonfalon at Commencement 2010, and as I was sitting on the field of Husky Stadium, looking up at the gorgeous clear sky, the happy families in the stands, out at the sapphire-colored lake and at the flowers and the UW seal, I felt so much pride for our school and what we represent.

So that's a long story, but I love the UW! Go Huskies! - Lisa Lindstrom, 1990

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